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Job Description

Chrome OS Testing

Location:Mountain View CA
Duration:6+ months

Job Description:

  • Strong OS testing knowledge / Unix exp.
  • How to check the CPU usage of a Linux laptop/computer. (Top command)
  • How to check free memory (free command)
  • How to check disk space (df, du)
  • Linux Command to see the network configuration (ifconfig).
  • How to change boot sequence of laptop (through bios)
  • How to kill a process (kill -9 ProcessID).
  • How to run a process in background mode (run command with &).
  • Boot loaders used with linux operating system (Grub, lilo, redboot etc).
  • What is Grub boot loader configuration file (GrubConfig).
  • Expertise in Unix/Linux, including shell operations and simple scripting
  • How to create a folder. (mkdir)
  • Command to search some text in files recursive. (grep "some text" * -r)
  • Command to find file (find -n "file name")
  • How to print last 10 line of a file. (tail -n10 "filename" ) prints last 10 lines.
  • Strong communication / proactive etc. skills are mandatory

Job Overview

Company:Maccadin Inc

Title:Chrome OS Testing

Date Posted:2-13-2014

Location:Mountain View CA

Duration:6+ months

Job Type:Contract

Pay Rate:Market

Position ID:M0083

Travel Required:none


Contact Information

Contact:Akanksha Pandey