Choose from our broad range of solutions, which we can customize as per your needs.


We are all set to take care of your Complete or Partial recruitment activities, as an external service provider.


As an Offshore Recruitment Partner or RPO service provider we manage the entire recruiting/hiring process from writing the requirement description to the onboarding process of the new hire, onsite support and then performance analysis.


Recruitment is not your key business?

Why invest and take full liability in a Full Time onsite recruiter?

Agencies charging horrendous amount of money?

You need occasional recruitment support for temporary, contingency and executive positions?

You want to turn your fixed investment cost into variable costs that flex with fluctuation in recruitment activities?

You need contract recruiters in offshore, exclusively working for you during your time zone?


Yes! We have solution. Let's discuss your requirement and we will customize our solution as per you need.


We are equipped to take care of Front Office and Back Office work. Our infrastructure is equipped with industry standard processes to secure your data, accessible 24*7*365, subject expert client service executives, advanced tools and technologies.


When we partner with clients to take care of outsourced business, we do not take jobs away. Instead, we just take the piece of work temporarily which increases your cost and take your focus away from your key business so you can utilize your workforce out in market to get more and more business, increase your revenue and margin and ultimately more jobs.


In outsourcing, we take care the part of work which increases company’s running cost and decreases the profit which is necessary for any organization to keep running smoothly.


We do not just give cost benefit but we deliver value with our services.


What we do to add value?

We study the situation, analyze the data, research on business and try to come up with ground-breaking solution ideas and that’s how, we add values.


We are serving outsourcing needs for:

1. Applications Development Outsourcing

2. Testing outsourcing.

3. Website Management Outsourcing (WMO).


1. Applications Development Outsourcing

By collaborating with us in application development, maintenance, and support, clients can reduce overall expenditure by 50 percent.

Clients can choose from our different application outsourcing solutions like production support, application testing, enhancements, and upgrades and immensely benefit by it.

Be it single or multiple applications, industry or customized one we are adept at managing it successfully.


Please Contact Us to get Capabilities Statement – Application Development.


2. Testing Outsourcing

Our Software Testing services enable our clients to concentrate on their core development activities while we as an external software testing experts handle the independent validation work. This offers many business benefits to our clients that include independent assessment leading to enhanced delivery confidence, reduced time to market, lower infrastructure investment, predictable software quality, de-risking of deadlines and increased time to focus on development.


Our Software Testing Services Come in Diffrent Forms:

i. Managed Testing Services.

ii. Full outsourcing of the entire test process (strategy, planning, execution and closure).

iii. Provision of additional testing resources for major projects

iv. White-Box, Black-Box, Performance testing, Beta User Acceptance Testing.


Please Contact Us to get Capabilities Statement – Software Testing.


3. Website Management Outsourcing [WMO]

Are you a small or mid-size company and don’t want to invest for internal web team or web-marketing team?

Are you looking for options to manage your website and entire online environment?

Are you looking for a service provider to enhance your web presence?

Are you looking for Hosting services?

Are market factors around you fueling the need for WMO services?

Your IT needs are not enough to hire a full time employee?


We have Answer of all these situation.


We have a team of skilled Analysts, Designers, Developers, Editors and Marketing experts to serve you and develop an effective online environment for your business. Get Temp, Seasonal or On Call basis IT services.


Please Contact Us to get Capabilities Statement – Website Management Outsourcing.

Do you have Limited or No dedicated IT resources?
Is your IT department struggling, confused and dealing with the complexities of cost?
Let us take care of your Information Technology (IT) systems and applications.

In an ideal environment, we work with the client to build a custom, scalable solution tailored for their needs.

When entering into an infrastructure outsourcing agreement, our clients may also receive management of their network routers and switches, security mechanisms, desktops and peripherals, disk storage, and bandwidth.

While we manage all aspects of your Infrastructure problems you can dedicate that time to focus on your core initiatives, and take your esteem organization to a higher levels.

We simplify the infrastructure and IT operation cost tremendously by providing a customized solution as required by each organization.

Please Contact Us to get Capabilities Statement – Infrastructure support.

Maccadin has developed a niche in providing ERP Solutions and Services. In this era ERP systems are the backbone of most of the organizations, even if the business transactions don’t flow via ERP Systems on a daily basis they are still maintained by some ERP Systemd. Besides providing the core transaction processing that large complex enterprises require, ERP systems are often the launchpad for strategic initiatives such as e-business and B2B commerce.

Maccadin ERP Solutions:

With our enormous experience and exposure to the latest versions of ERP world, we can help your organization derive maximum value from the ERP projects ranging from every oracle basic modules to business intelligence, supply chain management, and e-business. We have expertise in Upgrading project from lower version to higher version and New Implementations.

At Maccadin as an ERP Solutions Provider we:
Eliminate costs and inefficiencies.
Improve operational efficiency.
Enhance productivity, customer satisfaction, flexibility and control.
Extend your business using the internet.
Gain better control of process.
Expand your knowledge of key business data.
Improve communication and collaboration.
Leverage IT infrastructure and information assets.

Maccadin ERP Implementation Expertise Areas are:
Requirement Ananlysis and Process Engineering.
New Project Implementation.
CRM Software Solutions.
Post-implementation support.
Application management and Integration.
Gap Analysis and Business Process Re-engineering.
Version upgrades.
Integration with legacy applications and third party Applications.
Other ERP, Extended ERP like CRM, SCM applications.
Business Intelligence.
Functional and technical consulting.